Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Confiscated Lands

I'm surprised that it has taken this long for me to run across this topic. As mentioned in a previous post, I ran across several deeds involving "forfeited lands" and at first I couldn't quite understand what was meant. Then I realized that Loyalist property was being sold both in the effort to get Loyalists to leave and never come back, and to help raise money for the Revolution - which it did. Here is a link  with some description of the history.

There is also a wonderful website that lists the names of those in New Jersey who had their lands confiscated. Of the counties and names listed, the only Taylor name to appear is that of Joseph Taylor from Hunterdon county. Wouldn't we like to know more about him?

Also mentioned in both Somerset and Sussex counties for confiscated lands is Oliver Delancey, who was named in the one of the Sussex deeds involving John Taylor! Oliver Delancey was a brigadier general for the Loyalist army. All his lands were confiscated in 1779, and in 1783 he returned to England where he died in 1785.

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